Jumbo Knit Cashmere Throw Blanket (Cloud)

Jumbo Knit Cashmere Throw Blanket (Cloud)

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The calming effect of just touching this incredibly soft Chenille throw is enough to make it one of your top home essentials. Use it to create an environment that strengthens your wellbeing. After all, we think a cozy blanket is a key part of a healthy lifestyle.  

Material: 80% wool 20% cashmere

20” 20”- Baby Throw
40”x40- Lap Throw

40”x60”- Medium Throw

40”x80”- Bedrunner

50”x70”-Queen Size

60”x80”- King Size


We knit our blankets by hand and does take additional time to process.

Please allow up to 10-14 business days for us to process the order before your order is shipped.



wool flyaways and pilling is normal. To reduce this process and keep it looking the best be gentle with your blanket. We recommend use our products as a cover only (like a blanket or a throw).


We recommend dry clean only, but blankets shouldn’t need it much. They are designed to be decorative as much as possible so if you keep it on the bed or side of the sofa for instance rather then using it every night